When sport is life



Director: Andreas Nordberg
Director of Photography: Marius Aaserud
1AC: Daniel Warren
2AC: Markus Henriksen
Grade: Joachim Nilsen
Sound mix: Ampersound
Set sound: Olav Friisberg Larsen & Rune Baggerud


Wang sports youth school needed increased attention to their sports classes before the application deadline in March 2021. For us and the client the challenge was to engage and inform teenagers, and at the same time communicate to the parents, who play a major role in the young people's school choice, within the same video materials. The challenge was how we could combine the teenagers' need to be inspired to dream about the future, and the parents' need for information and assurance that their children were given the best opportunities for development in a safe and competent environment? We developed recruitment films for various sports categories, where we combined the commitment and drive among current students with former students and now top athletes' reflections around what their time at Wang meant to them. Throughout all the films, the Wang parents' perspective was taken care of - and we also chose to include the students' parents in the films.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney