Tokyo In Retrograde



Director: Mike Sunda
Production: PUSH Japan
Directors: Dan Buyanovsky, Mike Sunda
DoP: Seiya Uehara
Assistant Camera: Leo Youlagi
Producer: Yuumi Aoyama, Michie Hamada
Art Director: Alice Tosey
Color: Victor Ivanov


Tokyo in Retrograde profiles the vital work of Masayoshi Anotani, aka Mars89 — a musician whose uncompromising electronic compositions have cemented him as one of the most unique and exciting prospects within Tokyo’s underground club circuit, and whose contribution to the city’s culture extends far beyond the dancefloor. The film touches on his music production as well as his presence within Tokyo’s activist community, where he spearheads a series of anti-establishment ‘Protest Raves’ that have galvanised Tokyo’s youth into new, emergent strands of political engagement.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney