The stories you are about to hear are real



Director: Andreas Nordberg
Director of Photography: Marius Aaserud
1AC: Jonas Murstam
Steady cam: Stig Indrebø
Stylist: Sabine Rusch Lindvik
Editor: Magnus Evensen
Grade: Didrik Bråthen
Sound mix: Kristian Tybakken
Music: Iason Gennarakis & Marius Christoffer Karlsrud
Production manager: Cecilie Land
Casting: Camilla casting
Script: Håkon Sollund
Client advisor: Børre Sunde & Mia Steinsbø Ormestøyl


In Norway, there are over 1,000 young people who are in a child protection institution. There are several reasons why they are there, it could be neglect, violence in close relationships or other conditions that mean it does not exist other options. This is a group of youths who are often traumatized and strongly influenced by negative experiences early in life. Therefore, relatively many need help beyond what is possible provided through the institution and the staff there. Experience-wise, the threshold for seeking professional help is relatively high. This is often as a result of that they have experienced so many disappointments in life, that they have resigned and have lost faith in the fact that anyone can help them. As part of getting the target group to seek out and receive professional assistance, we developed a film that would contribute to the target group saying yes to mental health services and seeking professional help outside the institution itself, such as from psychologists or other medical professionals. The film's target group is young people in the 12-18 age group. To bring out real stories and feelings, we interviewed a number of young people people with a background from the institutional apparatus. This so that the targeted audience actually can identify with the situations and hopefully seek help. We also interviewed psychologists and had conversations with The Directorate for Children, Youth and Families to obtain the necessary professional knowledge for the backdrop for the script and the film scenes.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney