Stories for the Sea : Kjetil C. Astrup

Nordic Ocean Watch


Director: Andreas Nordberg
DP: Jonas Murstam
Project manager: Kristin Skar Forseth
Producer: Kristian Kvam Hansen
Underwater Cinematographer / Talent: Kjetil C. Astrup
Underwater cinematographer: Timon Koch
Additional Underwater Photography: Tom Boyd
Creative/Client: Bård Rostrup Gabrielsen / Brunch Oslo
Edit: Tormod Berge
Colorist: Didrik Bråthen / TMLS
Sound mix: Mathias Novas
Safety supervisor: Asbjørn N. Hoaas
Boat captain: Steven


A subsea short film: Underwater cinematographer Kjetil C Astrup for Nordic Ocean Watch Our ocean is warming, becoming more acidic and filled with plastics. To fight this, we need hope, action and engagement. Kjetil C Astrup is a world renowned underwater cinematographer. Beneath the surface he has filmed everything from James Bond and Kygo to killer whales and plastic pollution. In addition to an impressive resume and a unique collection of film material, Kjetil has a deep and long standing passion for the ocean and everything in it. In a new short film, Kjetils mesmerizing subsea shots from Norways coastline is combined with his thoughts on the ocean - what he has observed, what threatens it and what it takes to conserve it. As an audience, we are provided with new perspectives on the strange and wonderful world under water. Our hope is that this inspires people to explore and take care of the ocean.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney