Senspace Rebranding



Director: Bernie Hitachi
Executive Producer: Mike Sunda
Art Director : Bernie Hitachi
Graphic Designer: Bernie Hitachi
Project Manager: Aime Okamoto


Senspace is a Tokyo-based Web 3.0 startup focused on digital fashion and digital collectibles, inspired by the legacy of Ura-Harajuku streetwear culture. As both a consumer-facing brand as well as a company that interfaces with VC firms, it was important to design a visual identity that was flexible across a variety of touchpoints and use-cases. We created a holistic brand identity that spanned logo design, website front-end and inter-company materials, drawing on the origin story of the Senspace name (Sen: the name of the protagonist, Chihiro, in Spirited Away in the spirit world) with a subtle visual nod to the tunnel motif from the film’s introduction.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney