Proud (2021)



Director: Mike Sunda
Production: PUSH Japan
Executive Producer: Mike Sunda
Project Manager: Aime Okamoto
Director : Umi Ishihara
Director of Photography: Asumi Sako
AC: Kou Risei
Producer: Kinu Kaimoto
Color: James Clayton
Production Assistant: Michi Hayama


We produced the debut music video for U.S.-based, Japanese artist Qrion, directed by Umi Ishihara in Qrion's hometown of Sapporo. A nostalgic ode to Qrion’s hometown Sapporo, shot on location in Northern Japan, the video blends retro VHS footage from the musician’s childhood with a fictionalised day-in-the-life montage of carefree, bittersweet high-school days, as four high-school girls eat ramen, take purikura together, and cycle through the city’s backstreets. The video stars contemporary dancer Tsukushi, who also expresses her own take on the track through a powerful sequence shot in a Ghibli-esque forest evocative of the lush natural landscapes ubiquitous throughout Hokkaido.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney