Puffers AW23



Director: Jonathon Lim
Executive Producer: Catherine Terracini
Director: Jonathon Lim
Producer: Genevieve O’Shea
DOP: Joey Knox
Stylist: Brittni Morrison
1st AC: Taylan Ceylan
Gaffer: Han Palmer
Best Person: Caitlyn Bryan
Stylist Assistant: Matisse
Photographer: Jordan Drysdale
Photographer Assist: Ilona Savcenko
HMU: Meg McConville
Sound Recordist: Mig Artugue
Runner: Chiara Henger
Editor: Bernice Jiang
Editor: Alek Mckenzie


We created a three part film series with 66 Records, Australia’s first African owned record label for the Champion new winter puffers. Out in the Australian landscape we filmed scripted vignettes that the rappers were able to bring their own charisma to. We worked closely with Champion in this exploration of the younger generation embracing more moments in nature.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney