Our family

Rema 1000


Director: Andreas Nordberg
Director of Photography: Marius Aaserud
Film photographer: Audun Fjeldheim
Set sound: Vegard Soldal
Set sound: Olav Friisberg Larsen
Music: Håkon Sollund
Creatives: Siri Skaustein & Andreas Nordberg
Client advisor: Øistein F. Engelsen
Grade: Raymond Gangstad
Online: Henry Cummings
Sound edit: Petter Fagelund
Post producer: Simon Samdal


The grocery chain Rema 1000 wanted to increase awareness and sales of the products in their Lev Vel children's product range. "Our family" is a documentary series we have made for Rema 1000 and their children's product series, Lev vel. It can be overwhelming and lonely to have to take care of a new baby. That is why, together with Rema 1000, we wanted various parents across the country to tell their unique story - about difficult challenges, funny moments, demanding decisions and surprising events connected to parenthood. Because even though all families are unique, there is much that is the same about being a new mother or father.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney