Off the beaten path

Cinderella Eco Group


Director: Andreas Nordberg
Director of Photography: Eirik Holst Aagård
1AC: Lasse Røed
Edit: Lasse Berfendal
Grade: Didrik Bråthen / TMLS
Sound mix: Vidar Hemmingsen
Music: Håkon Sollund
Creatives: Andreas Nordberg & Siri Skaustein


Global brand film for Cinderella Eco Group The simple outdoor life is just that - simple. That's why it's so magical. Cinderella works to ensure that even the places that are not on the map, which are located where the road is not paved, will be an option for you. So you're ready when nature calls. This is a tribute to those who think new, who see opportunities where others see problems, and who are helping to move the world forward. Those who do not settle for the state of affairs, but who are constantly looking for better and smarter ways to solve challenges.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney