The secret to a good night's sleep!

Koala Japan


Director: Mike Sunda
Production : CEKAI
Agency : PUSH Japan
Director: Nozosandy
Creative Director: Dan Buyanovsky
Art Director : Bernie Hitachi
Project Manager: Aime Okamoto
Producer : Naoya Watanabe, Kaz Yamaguchi
Set Designer: Ai Ozaki
Editor: Ahato
Music: Andy Nagashima
Colorist: James Clayton
Animator : Daniel Cordero


We worked with Australian direct-to-consumer mattress / “bed-in-a-box” brand, Koala, to develop a brand campaign to catalyze brand love in Japan and drive sales during their most important season. Drawing from a range of inspirations both in Japan and overseas, we paired comedy with magical realism in a unique, entertaining infomercial format. Every single detail and nuance, from casting through to the props in the background of each vignette, was painstakingly designed to maximize entertainment value and view-through rates, keeping viewers laughing even while we called out important product details and functional benefits in each vignette. The final result was so successful that the creative, initially commissioned for web and social, was extended for an extra year-long period and broadcast on additional channels including OOH and radio.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney