Japan Nike Members Day SU/FA23



Production: PUSH
Production: Mike Sunda
Creative Producer: Allison Lee
Line Producer/ Set Coordinator: Brian Rensberger
Production Assistants: Mei Mihara and Rhyo Thiri
Art Direction: Debbie Pan
Editorial : Amy Otsuka
CDM: Eri Iwamoto and Risa Kikuchi
Photography: Ryley Paskal
Photography/ Light Assist: Kimi Mikawa
DIT: Kiyoka Ikemura
Styling: David Friend
Styling Assists: Ki Ukei and Anton Ellis
Props Styling and Sourcing: Yuusuke Ishii
Props Assists: Miku Shimomoto and Eine Mitsuki
Hair : Keita Hair
Hair Assists: Yuna Kondo and Kensuke Hamada
Makeup: Yoko Minami
Makeup Assists: Rino Kato and Miku Ozawa
Casting: Josiah Toshi
Cast: Hisashi Morishima, Luli, Mayo, Kien, ECEC, Riichi, Yuan, Yuku


Shot by photographer Ryley Paskal, and in collaboration with New York-based stylist David Friend, we produced a "festival"-themed lookbook for Nike's Summer-Fall 2023 Member Days campaign. Referencing both traditional matsuri tropes such as shaved ice and fireworks, through to more universal symbols from the worlds of sport, music and fashion - imbued with the spirit of the carnivalesque - this is a lookbook that blends product-first visuals with character-driven magical realism, resulting in a brand-new look-and-feel for the brand.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney