Hiroto Ohhara - Into the Unknown (2020)



Director: Mike Sunda
Production : PUSH Japan
Executive Producer: Mike Sunda
Executive Producer: Kristian Kvam Hansen
Executive Producer: Kristin Skar Forseth
Director: Dan Buyanovsky
Cinematographer: Mikul Eriksson
Underwater Camera & SFX: Akira Jet
Camera Assistant: Mikael Senninge
Editor: Amerigo Brini
Translator: Lika Kumoi
Music: Koda
Colorist: Mikul Eriksson
Productions Assistant: Sam King
Special Thanks: Susumu Nakano


Originally intended as an Olympics campaign, we shot Hurley-sponsored Hiroto Ohhara in his hometown of Ichinomiya, which was set to become the stage of the biggest competition of his life: the surfing competition at the Tokyo 2020 Games.  As the pandemic forced sporting cancellations everywhere, we re-edited the footage in post-production into an emotive narrative about local communities and the desire to never, ever, give up on one’s dream.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney