Hard to ask?

Anti-Doping Norway


Director: Andreas Nordberg
Director of Photography: Marius Aaserud
1AC: Sveinung Ryan
Editor: Alex Holm
Grade: Didrik Bråthen/TMLS
Gaffer: Magnus Nordstrand
Music: Marius Christoffer Karlsrud
Set sound: Fridjof Wesseltoft
Creatives: Andreas Nordberg & Siri Skaustein


The Anti drug association in Norway ‘Antidoping Norge’ is working closely with the youth generation in Norway, and are focusing on subjects such as body pressure, doping and work out. They offer young people to ask and talk about difficult questions in a private and safe space through their platforms and institutions, to make it easier for them to solve their problems and difficulties in life. Antidoping Norge now wants to empower and encourage the parents to be able to take some of these difficult conversations. Antidoping Norge came to us with a wish to create a short film that could help enable the parents to actually take on these types of conversations. They wanted us to come up with a concept on how parents with more ease can talk to their child, whilst them being in a tough period in their lives. The film would be used by Antidoping Norge and the Police in the meeting with parents in various settings. It was supposed to be a film that would encourage the parent to ‘parent’ and dare to take a closer step into their lives, asking them the hard questions: “Why?” “Why do you work out six times a week?, You are being less social than before, why is this?, Why do you not want to eat?, Why are you so short tempered? And why do you use so long time in the restroom?”


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney