Galverse: The Origin Story



Director: Mike Sunda
Production: PUSH Japan
Director : Mike Sunda
Assistant Director: Joseph George
Director of Photography: Victor Ivanov
Assistant Camera: Anthony Rilocarp
Lighting Director : Hikaru Ijichi
HMUA: Phoebe Lin
Project Manager: Aime Okamoto
Social Media Manager: Luli Maruyama
Graphic Designer: Bernie Hitachi
Editor : Freddy Capogreco


Shinsei Galverse was Japan’s top 2022 success story in the Web 3.0 world: a collection of 8,888 NFTs inspired by retro anime series like Sailor Moon, combined with a cyberpunk aesthetic and contemporary cool. Founded by Japanese women creators Emi Kusano and Ayaka Ohira, Shinsei Galverse broke all records upon launch, becoming Japan’s most successful NFT project ever. With their roadmap building towards creating an original anime, we profiled the Galverse team at the start of this journey, looking back at their origins whilst also looking ahead to their future as they start working towards their goal: WAGMAA! (We’re All Going To Make An Anime)


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney