Champions of Pride



Director: Jonathon Lim
Co-Director: Jessica Barclay Lawton (Sissy Screens)
Director of Photography: Alex Cardy (Sissy Screens)
Producer: Alexandra George (Sissy Screens)
Executive Producer: Ashleigh Parker
Org Directors: Tali Polichtuk & Alex Cardy (Sissy Screens)


Champions of Pride campaign: To celebrate Pride Month, Champion has launched its inaugural Pride range. PUSH produced the piece out of our Australia office together with queer screen culture platform, Sissy Screens, and Melbourne-based advertising agency Taboo. The Champion capsule collection is fronted by five queer artists from Australia and New Zealand, with the range’s signature colourful gradient style paying homage to the inherent uniqueness and diversity of the talent: musician Jesswar, artist Frances Cannon, DJ and producer Sullivan Patten, artist Joseph Althouse and dancer Elvis Lopeti.


Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney