Zhang + Knight

Zhang + Knight – a.k.a. Linden and Hannah – are a directing duo from the UK. Best known for the pastel, dreamy worlds they create, Zhang and Knight have found each other through their passion for film and desire to create work that resonates with the female, queer, and non-white communities.

Before meeting at the age of 18, Zhang wanted to be a painter, while Knight was striving a career as opera singer. During university, they began to share a love for film, developing mind-blowing visuals and a poetic approach to storytelling.

Besides countless music videos and films, Zhang and Knight have also directedcommercial work for the likes of Mercedes, Maserati and Hawaiian Airlines.

We’re thrilled to announce that we are now representing Zhang + Knight (@hannah_theknight + @linden_unofficial) for China and Japan.

Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney