Christine Yuan

Emmy Award-winning, Taiwanese-American director Christine Yuan is someone who brings an unmistakably unique perspective to every work that she crafts. Yuan’s background in fine art and darkroom photography is reflected in both the inventiveness of the worlds that she constructs on screen – often imbued with an ethereal, dreamy quality that incorporates mixed media and unconventional artistic flourishes – but also the meticulous detail with which she approaches everything from casting to styling. Her work with singer Lim Kim has been a key factor in transforming the South Korean artist into an avant-garde icon, and the music videos that Yuan directed for “Yellow” and “Mong” are superlative examples of how she is able to juxtapose shades of magical realism with prescient cultural commentary.

Yuan has also directed high-profile commercial work for iconic global brands such as Beats, Tiffany & Co. and Zara, including the latter’s first-ever Chinese New Year campaign video, “A Great View”.

Tokyo. Oslo. Shanghai. Sydney